Equalize Equine Therapy Updates



June 2020

RASDEG presents information on these wellness practitioners as a service to our members and the practitioners listed.  In doing so this is not meant as a particular endorsement or recommendation however and riders should make their own enquiries to find a suitable practitioner, including their status in relation to insurance and relative qualifications


Business Name: Equalize Equine Therapy
Business Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/Equalizequine/ 
Business website: www.equalizequine.com.au
Business Contact Phone: 0407 156 174

What service/s do you provide?

-Equine Sports massage therapy (soon to be canine )
-Myofacial Release
-Red light therapy and blue light therapy 
-Tissue mobilization 
-Equine postural release therapy
-Kinesiology taping 
-Sure foot pads
-Rehab advice and plans 

What sort of issues do your treatment/s tend to help with?

Back pain is mainly what I see with ridden horses - it is the weakest area on the horse and it’s right where we sit. I find a lot of muscular imbalances and pain associated in all disciplines of riding and you start to see a pattern of these certain areas depending on the horses job. 

Every horse has some form of muscular tension and pain , which eventually creates asymmetry in the body. This issue is then seen through the movement of the horse and this is where the owner usually starts to see a problem. In an “ideal” world we would have a perfect horse that would be 100% symmetrical, this would mean faultless posture and movement . In the “real world” , horses like this simply don’t exist. 

I've found horses don’t complain loud enough and it’s my job to find these issues and translate these to the owner. The most rewarding part for me,  is being able to fix these muscular imbalances and taking away the horses pain and tension in the body. 

What motivated you to start this business?

No one wants to be in pain! I have had ongoing issues with my back since a kid and had regular visits to physiotherapists and osteopaths to assist with mobility and pain. Without a doubt , I couldn’t have survived without them and I am a huge advocate for them. 

Since owning horses at the age of 11 , I regularly had Body workers attend to them a few times a year . One person in particular stood out from the rest but was regularly booked out sometimes 4-6 weeks in advance. I knew I needed someone in between his visits and wasn’t sure who I could use. I then somehow stumbled upon a person who was looking for case studies ,to complete her equine sports massage certificate. I had her out once then I was hooked ! Every fortnight she came and every single time I felt the movements in each ride get easier and my horse was more flexible than ever before...movements that were hard were now easy. Unfortunately , all good things come to an end and this person moved interstate and so I was back to square one! I then had a light bulb moment , what if I could be that person ? 

This was the motivation for me ! It was the fact,  that there was a lack of therapists in the area that could come out when required and regularly to help with issues . I also really wanted every rider to be able to feel the difference of what their horse could be like after a session. I’ve never looked back :) 

What training have you undertaken?

Certificate in Sports Massage with Equestricare.
Certificate In Tissue Mobilization techniques Certificate with Equestricare.
Certificate in Photonic therapy with Equestricare.
Equine Postural Release level 11 Certificate.
Kinesiology Taping Certificate with Raquel Butler. 
Myofacial Release Techniques with Equine Miracle. 
Eq50 Anatomy with Equinology.

Attended Myofacial Release clinic with Gillian Higgins , Horses inside out workshops with Gillian Higgins, Dissection with Sharon May Davis and shadowed alongside Tony Fookes. 

What is your most popularly booked treatment?

I offer all my services in one consultation and will use several of these techniques depending on the horse and the issue presented at the time. Very rarely would I see a horse and just perform Red Light therapy unless we had a very specific issue. If the horse did have a specific injury such as tendon injury or muscle tear - I may apply kinesiology tape and Red light Therapy to the area depending on the stage of the injury and then combine it with sports massage. 

The consultation can include some or all of the following (depending on horse and issue )- 

-Visual and dynamic evaluation of gait and posture
-Deep tissue full body sports massage  
-Application of Red light therapy- red light pad or cap for large area of pain. Red light torch for accupoints
-Soft tissue work, MFR, mobilisation and stretches 
-sure foot pads or kinesiology tape if required 

Could you let us know a little story of a horse you have treated; what he/she was experiencing, and what was done to help them, and how they improved?

The story that comes straight to my mind is where I was called out to a place in Dayboro area where a mare was very sick with colic like symptoms ongoing for days. The mare had ongoing daily vet visits and treatment but they were thinking the worst. She refused to drink and eat for days and was given IV fluids to keep her hydrated. When I got there I had never met the person or horse and said “hi I’m Brittney , I don’t know if this will work but sounds like your desperate “ . This was when I first started out and wasn’t 100% confident within myself and hadn’t had a lot of experience in the field. 

They brought the mare up to the stables and my first impression was she looked very dull and looked like she had no energy. I asked a few questions and introduced myself to the horse and started pin pointing some accu points with my red light torch. Colic points and the general well being points were stimulated for 10-15 seconds on the low setting. It was after working on almost one side and I was on my last point after ST36 and GV1 the mare started to respond. We had licking , chewing , gut sounds , passing of wind and a few yawns. These were great signs but at this point we needed more than that, we needed a miracle. I finished the other side and she had all of the same positive responses with lots of passing of wind. The owner was smiling but still unconvinced it was really going to help long term for the horse. I asked the owner to offer the horse a drink of water , she said she hasn’t drank anything for days but we can try. I decided for future reference to video this , as the water was placed down on the ground the mare pushed her head into the bucket and drank it so fast we couldn’t believe what we were seeing ! So we gave her another refill and she drank that too! From this moment on , no word of a lie, this mare continued to improve and has since been ridden at a high level in show jumping. The owner of this mare is now a regular client of mine and we often talk about that day. I have the video if anyone wants to see it , every now and then I watch it just to realise how powerful red light therapy can be. Still gives me goose bumps. 

Price guide for treatment/s:

As I charge per horse , a session can be anywhere from 1-2 hours , depending on what is necessary. 
$90 for Sunshine Coast clients 
$100-$160 depending on distance to travel - I have travelled as far north as Mackay and as far south as border of NSW. 
Kinesiology taping $10-$40 extra depending on area 
Red light therapy only is $60.