Derry Powter

Brittney (Equalize Equine Therapy) gave my little Fergie a massage and the whole experience was amazing. The tension release during the massage was clearly evident, lots of licking, chewing, yawning, all the signs. Then the real results showed up in the arena! So much more relaxed, softer, and harmonious in her work. I highly recommend Brittney to any horse owner, whether it be high level competition horses, or just horses at home for fun. They all deserve this treatment for their well being. Keep up the good work Britt, awesome work.

Emma Flavelle Watts

Equalize Equine Therapy comes highly reccomended by myself, My horses and my clients horses! They all thoroughly enjoy there massages and the feeling the next day on the arena is always better :) Brittney you continue to do a fabulous job with the horses and the results speak for themselves.

Georgia Locke

Today was our first encounter with a massage therapist!!! And we loved it....  I have a 2 year old at the moment that we are working with to gain muscle and strength while breaking him in slowly.. he has been going great!!!! However wanted to make sure his muscles were okay and he isn't to sore... today Britt did wonderfull things... giving him a massage and then teaching us 3 stretches ...I can't wait to try them on him... and to have Britt back over the following months ensuring he is in perfect condition!! Thanks for your hard work and magic hands! Dallas was so happy

Erin Rosene

Brittney is the only person I trust to treat my mare. Highly experienced and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of your horse which is hard to come by these days! 110% recommend 💕

Karli Goad

My horse fractured his leg 3 months ago and vet said he would be out for 6-9 months. He got rescanned today and can come into full work only 3 months post injury. HUGE thanks to Brit for making regular visits to make sure his muscles have not seized up during this time, also helping him to weight bear properly using the red light therapy, to give his fracture as much help as possible! I could not be more thankful 💕

Emily Schubert

I highly recommend Equalize Equine Therapy. Brittney has been a big help to my horse over the past 12months. in August my horse had pulled up lame and upon the vets inspection it was discovered he had a strain to his suspensory ligament in his left front leg. The vet recommended to us to have 4 red light treatments over the course of 2 weeks. Brittney came out 4 times to treat my horse with red light and blue light treatment to help with the blood flow to the injury. After 4 treatments, stable rest and support boots my horse is now slowly coming back into work with no sign of lameness at all. Thank you so much Brittney!

Kate Jessup

Our horses and dogs LOVE Brittney! I noticed a big improvement in our cutting horses - how they feel and work. Also a quirky little gelding of ours - Henry. Henry isn’t an affectionate horse and has never readily wanted to eat things out of your hand. After the first session, Brittney had him doing carrot/bunya nut stretches!11/10 would recommend 😉😘

Jordan Jolly

I can't recommend Brittney from Equalize Therapy enough, she takes her time and ensures she assesses all aspects of the horse and makes sure they are kept in tip top condition. Brittney has always gone above and beyond for myself and my horse Arnage Red Caviar with his regular monthly check ups. Red throughly enjoys his appointments and always feels much happier and relaxed in his rides following. Brittney also gives me many exercises and stretches to do with Red to ensure he maintains relaxed in between sessions. With her knowledge and attention to detail Brittney would be amazing in keeping any equine at their best and can highly recommend!

Traci Carlile

Brittney treated my boy this morning and I had the best relaxed ride I’ve had on him in months. Thanks so much Brittney, Forrest felt amazing this afternoon. He’ll be looking forward to his next visit from you.

Margaret McCormack

Brittney has been looking after my horses for a few years now on a regular basis and the difference in their freedom of movement is amazing. I find her knowledge and professionalism exceptional. However, if she doesn't understand something she will go and research and come back with an answer which involves 2 way communication which is essential for me. I was very impressed when Brittney went above and beyond working out a rehabilitation for my mare when returning to work after a long spell following an operation. Would recommend Equalize Equine Therapy to anyone.

Sam Winton

Totally recommend, great service and treatments.. I know my horses are in the best of hands..
I love how Brittney, for clients  in competitive riding, has a holistic approach.  Taping in and working with other professionals, such as vets, farriers and saddle fitters to get the best results for the horse..

Sarah Walters

Wonderful Brittney has helped all three of my gorgeous babies in their own challenges but above all else, has helped them loosen up their muscles to allow them to relax and to use their bodies more effectively and efficiently both in work and their day to day wanderings. Performance horses are athletes and deserve and require the same amount of physiological care as their human counterparts. Brittney’s post care workouts are just as important and as effective as the massage treatment itself, and her genuine care approach is second to none! Just like a Physio appointment, your ailment will get better if you do your exercises- and so will theirs! Cannot recommend Equalize Equine Therapy more highly! :)

Naomi Gill

From having a horse that didn't want to leave his stable or even want to stretch down to eat/graze, to getting sent a photo of your horse out and grazing 12 hours after treatment is a miracle! So so happy with Brittneys work! Highly recommend!

Taylor Pascoe

My old mare came down with Colic on Thursday night, and after a basic treatment on Thursday night didn't work, I had the vet tube her and give fluid via IV Friday morning. It came to 5.30 Friday Night and my mare still hadn't eaten, had a drink or pooped. Brittney came out at 6.30pm and did a Red Light Session on her - within 2 minutes of Brittney finishing the essential points my mare was pushing me around so she could have a pick - I could not believe my eyes. After Brittney completed the points she wanted to try, we turned her back out into her paddock to let her be. 30minutes later, I ventured back out into the paddock to check on her - dead set she was beginning to graze on her own; slowly but this was a sign of improvement. Saturday morning came and I was able to get her to begin to eat a molasses and chaff slop. By Saturday night she was eating a full molasses and chaff slop feed; slowly but happily. Sunday morning she was happily eating her slop mix and I watched her have her first drink since the IV fluids on Friday morning. After a full weekend of Brittney working, she still came out Sunday afternoon and did the same session that she did Friday night - this session my mare was responsive and just melted into Brittneys hands. 
I can not thank Brittney enough for helping my mare. 
HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brittney for anything and everything!

Soph Meehan

Britt does an outstanding job! Always excited to get on after a horse has been treated. More relaxed, happy and supple. You only have to watch your horse being treated to know that your horses loves it too 

Sophia Beninca 

Equalize Equine therapy came out to look at my little 19year old pony. This was only just a week or so before our next competition because I wanted to make sure he would be 100% comfortable competing.
Brittney was so lovely and is always patient with him when he decides that everyone is scary and will eat him. 

I'm confident in saying that I wouldn't have achieved such good results recently without these sessions





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